Operating System

iOS 13 or later




Metronome view

Swipe right to get to the settings and configurate the metromone to your likings. Swipe right to get to the presets.


In this mode the metronome plays one bar in halved speed and one bar in the normal speed. This mode is made to make quicker progress with your practice.

A, B and AB-Mode

You can setup two patterns A and B. In AB-Mode the pattern will toggle between A and B after every beat. The metronome will start with pattern A on the first beat. In BA-Mode the metronome will start with pattern B on the first beat.

Figure 1: Main metronome view


Swipe to the right on the main view to get to the settings.

Ping Pong mode Make the LED-Stripe bounce
Modern metronome look Activate a different look of the metronome
Flash Flash on every beat. If you use the metronome without sound
TAP Tempo with sound Play a click when you hit the TAP-Button or mute the TAP-Button
Classical sound Switch to an natural sound of a metronome
Emphasis on the first beat Play a special sound on the first beat of every bar
Bell sound for the emphasis Use a bell sound for the emphasis
Bell frequency Set the frequency of the bell
Emphasis volume Set the volume of the emphasis sound
Offbeat volume Set the volume the offbeats. Every beat that is not on a whole beat is called an offbeat.
Support Become a supporter if you like TapTock
Give a Rating Give TapTock a rating and/or review in the AppStore, this helps other users to find the app.
Synchronize Save your presets in your iCloud and synchronize your presets if you are using TapTock on many devices.


Swipe to the left to get to the presets. Here you can store your metronome patterns.

To save the presets on your iCloud go to the Settings view.

Figure 2: Presets view

Figure 3: Details of the preset

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